The Musée Picasso

The world's biggest collection of work by Picasso is housed in Hôtel Salé, one of the most iconic mansions in the Marais.

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le musée picasso hôtel de la place du louvre

Hôtel de la Place du Louvre invites you to explore the artist's work in all its glory with almost 5000 hand-signed pieces and his personal collection (Matisse, Cézanne etc.).

About the museum

The "Dation Picasso" was established in 1974 a year after Picasso's death. This system of acquiring artworks enables the state to collect several pieces by the artist and keep them on an exhibition site. The chosen site was Hôtel Salé (in memory of the owner who collected taxes on salt, "gabelle"), a building owned by the city of Paris, listed as a Monument Historique and located near Hôtel de la Place du Louvre. It's one of the most remarkable mansions in the Marais. The selection of this site was primarily related to heritage. Like the construction of the Pompidou Centre, Picasso's work should be displayed in a place that's as contemporary as it is historical. The building was restored by the architect Simounet from 1979 after being awarded the project to install the Musée National Picasso in the mansion. The architectural feat of showcasing both the mansion and the artist is plain to see. The museum opened in 1985.

The museum's renovation and collections

After running for 25 years, the Musée Picasso underwent a major renovation project to overhaul the museum in its entirety. The museum reopened in 2014 with a new visitor experience and is now a veritable social hub because of its variety of services. The site's renovation has doubled the size of the exhibition spaces so visitors can admire hundreds of pieces on a chronological and themed journey. The Musée National Picasso collection is truly fantastic and its wealth of different pieces means visitors can explore both Picasso's artistic pathway and his creative process.

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